Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2016 Vegetable CSA Shares Available Now

For a PDF file of the application, or for any other questions please email info@whitehall.farm

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Trees, Wagon Rides, Hot Cider, & Hot Cocoa!

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Wagon Rides, Hot Cider, Hot Cocoa, & Santa!

Just a reminder that we have a large selection of fresh-cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees, ranging in size from 4'-9'.  We also have fresh wreaths, both decorated and plain.  Come out on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to enjoy a wagon ride through the farm, meet the farm animals, warm yourself around the fire (during cold weather), and enjoy hot cider and hot cocoa.

Prices Include Wagon Ride & Hot Drinks for the whole family!
  • 4-5' Trees $45
  • 6-7' Trees $65
  • 7-8' Trees $75
  • 8-9' Trees $95
  • Plain Wreaths $20
  • Decorated Wreaths $30
Santa is Visiting the Farm from 11am-2pm Tomorrow!
Come out and meet Santa on a Fire Truck/Sleigh on Sunday, November 29thfrom 11am-2pm. 

Not interested in a tree but would still like to enjoy the farm?  No problem!
We offer wagon rides on Fridays from 1-5pm, Saturdays & Sundays from 9am-5pm for $5 each or $15 per family.  Hot Cider & Cocoa is also available for $1 per cup.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Veteran's Appreciation Day

Join us at Whitehall Farm for our 2015 Veteran Appreciation Day! Bring your family and join T/4 Vazquez's family and veteran friends. Children (18 and under) of Active Duty, Retired, and Military Veterans receive free admission when accompanied by their parent (with Military ID, VA ID, or photo in uniform). The event will take place on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 from 10am-5pm, with a rain date of Sunday, November 8th. THIS WILL BE THE LAST FALL FUN DAY FOR THIS YEAR!

Fall Farm Fun at it's Finest! Enjoy wagon rides through the woods, get lost in the 3 acre, non-GMO corn maze, pick-your-own pumpkins, meet the farm animals, enjoy a picnic lunch, and partake in other fun activities for both kids and adults.

Admission is $12 per person, ages 3 and under are FREE (18 and under for U.S. Military veteran families). Your ticket price includes: Admission to the farm, hay wagon rides, corn maze, meeting the animals, inflatables for kids, and corn hole for adults.

Activities available on-site for additional fees includes: pumpkins (Price Reduced to $.35/lb), food & drinks, face painting, etc.
More information can be found at: https://www.whitehall.farm/events.html

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tickets for the "Fall Fun Days" are Now Available

Tickets to Whitehall Farm's first annual Fall Fun Days are now available!  
Saturdays and Sundays 9:00am - 5:00pm. September 19th - October 31st 2015.
Fall Farm Fun at it's Finest!  Enjoy hay wagon rides through the woods, get lost in the 3 acre, non-GMO corn maze, pick-your-own pumpkins, meet the farm animals, enjoy a picnic lunch, and partake in other fun activities for both kids and adults.
Admission is $12 per person, ages 3 and under are FREE. Your ticket price includes: Admission to the farm, hay wagon rides, corn maze, inflatables for kids, and corn hole for adults.  Tickets can be purchased here.
Activities available on-site for additional fees may include: pumpkins (sold by the pound), food & drinks, face painting, family or individual photographs, other activities which vary by date.
More information can be found on our website or Facebook page.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Veteran Compost - Turning Your Food Waste into Compost for Whitehall Farm!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Veteran Compost at Whitehall Farm, where this veteran owned, and mostly veteran employee, business will produce aerobic compost under Whitehall Farm’s VA Dept. of Environmental Quality Educational Exemption. For the time being, this compost will be used to enhance Whitehall Farm’s produce acreage. In a few short years our soil will be transformed into some of the best growing soil in the area, which will drastically reduce the need for applied fertilizers. We currently offer Veteran Compost’s products for sale during our limited weekend hours and will offer additional Veterans Compost products at our Market when it opens. Veterans Compost is now offering home pickup of your post-consumer food scraps in VA & DC for just $25/month. Email us at info@whitehall.farm for more info. So….
Who are these guys and what are they doing?
That’s Justen Garrity on the right, owner of Veteran Compost along with Tyler in the middle, and Brayan on the left. They are building an aerobic composting “pile” in an old corn silage pit. The “pile” is built with layers of carbon, in the form of unwanted wood chips, laid between layers of post-consumer food scraps. In short order this temperature controlled, mostly odor free, process produces very high quality compost.
BTW- To Justen and all your employees; thank you for your service to our country.
The staff of Whitehall Farm

Friday, March 13, 2015

Whitehall Farms, LLC is proud to announce that we are planning to host The Arcadia Center For Sustainable Food and Agriculture on the farm, in support of their Veteran Farmer Program.  Arcadia is also working with the Farmer Veteran Coalition on the project, and is seeking grant funds from the USDA's Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP).  The Veteran Farm Fellowship Program plans to utilize approximately 5 acres of Whitehall Farms for growing produce, in addition to using farm equipment, buildings, the farm market, and other farm operations as a part of their holistic farm training.  Whitehall Farms and Arcadia are also working on a number of other collaborations, including growing produce for Whitehall Farms' on-farm market and for Arcadia's Mobile Markets.  Whitehall Farms will also be welcoming Arcadia's main production flock of laying hens to the farm later this month. (the Arcadia Ladies will remain at Arcadia's Woodlawn location :) Look for updates soon on our progress repurposing an old silage wagon into a mobile chicken coop for these special guests!  The mobile chicken coop will be used to allow the chickens to forage for seeds, insects, and grass in Whitehall's pasture, while giving them a safe space to spend the night out of the reach of the neighborhood wildlife.

Monday, March 9, 2015

3rd Annual "Grow Your Health" Festival in Fairfax, VA - March 28th 10:00am-5:30pm

We are excited to be participating in the 3rd Annual Grow Your Health Festival on Saturday March 28th!  Come out and find our table!  Come and enjoy a fun-filled day of classes, exhibitors, and local food.  Can't wait to see you there!  Get all of the details and tickets here.  #growyourhealthfest

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Grapevine and Other Smoking Woodchips for your BBQ!

Believe it or not, winter will soon be losing its iron grip on our local weather, and BBQ season is coming up fast!  For the best variety of wood smoking chips for your electric, gas, or charcoal smoker, come checkout Whitehall Farms once our market is open.  We are collecting the best smoking wood for chipping, and hope to have some (and eventually all) of the following woods available at our market this summer!  Apple, Beech, Cherry, Grapevine, Hackberry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Persimmon, and Walnut.
Wild Grapevines Collected During Farm Cleanup

Moo & Henry's Story

Up until the early years of this century, Whitehall Farm had a small herd of registered breeding stock Angus cattle. After a bad car wreck, my mother-in-law stopped breeding her heifers and sold off the bulls, steers, and young heifers. All that remained were the retired heifers and one dwarf female calf, named Moo. Moo couldn’t be bred because of her genetic defect. Over time all the heifers died except for Momma Cow and Moo. For a decade Momma Cow and Moo were an inseparable pair. In the spring of 2013 Momma Cow finally died at the age of 34. Moo went into a deep depression, hardly ever leaving Momma Cow’s grave to eat or drink. It was heartbreaking. Perhaps on many farms, Moo would have been sent to the processor or left to be lonely. And perhaps that would have been the smart thing to do, but it was always understood that Moo was to live out her years on Whitehall. My wife and I went on a search for a companion cow, but we couldn’t find an Angus heifer or, for that matter, any heifer at the time. Enter Henry. Henry is a Jersey steer raised by a young girl in Luray. He grew up with horses and a few other Jersey steers. He is very playful, which might not be a good attribute for an 1100 pound animal. They will be pastured with our beef steers when they arrive this spring.  
Moo and Henry are inseparable, just as Momma Cow and Moo were and will be together until their deaths. Again, maybe not the smartest thing, but a commitment is a commitment, whether you make it to a person or a funny looking steer named Henry.

Jeff Waters

Moo & Henry