Saturday, July 11, 2015

Veteran Compost - Turning Your Food Waste into Compost for Whitehall Farm!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Veteran Compost at Whitehall Farm, where this veteran owned, and mostly veteran employee, business will produce aerobic compost under Whitehall Farm’s VA Dept. of Environmental Quality Educational Exemption. For the time being, this compost will be used to enhance Whitehall Farm’s produce acreage. In a few short years our soil will be transformed into some of the best growing soil in the area, which will drastically reduce the need for applied fertilizers. We currently offer Veteran Compost’s products for sale during our limited weekend hours and will offer additional Veterans Compost products at our Market when it opens. Veterans Compost is now offering home pickup of your post-consumer food scraps in VA & DC for just $25/month. Email us at for more info. So….
Who are these guys and what are they doing?
That’s Justen Garrity on the right, owner of Veteran Compost along with Tyler in the middle, and Brayan on the left. They are building an aerobic composting “pile” in an old corn silage pit. The “pile” is built with layers of carbon, in the form of unwanted wood chips, laid between layers of post-consumer food scraps. In short order this temperature controlled, mostly odor free, process produces very high quality compost.
BTW- To Justen and all your employees; thank you for your service to our country.
The staff of Whitehall Farm