Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gelato Cakes for Order

Handmade Gelato Cakes for
Holiday Dessert

Order here by 12/18  for PICKUP on Thursday 12/22 and Friday 12/23
Payment in person at the market or over the phone by credit card
Cakes are made to order and are naturally gluten free


Small Round - $35; 8-10 servings
Medium Rectangle - $40; 12-14 servings
Large Rectangle - $45 ; 14-18 servings

Flavor Options:
#1 Chocolate Lovers: Chocolate and Dolce de Leche gelato with chocolate shavings, chocolate drizzle, and chocolate whipped frosting.

#2 Triple Berry Tango: Vanilla and Mixed Berry gelato with traditional whipped frosting and mix berry drizzle.

#3 Minty Chocolate Surprise: Mint chocolate chip and chocolate gelato, Andes candies and chocolate bits, traditional whipped frosting, and chocolate drizzle.

#4 Pistachio Dream: Pistachio and Coconut gelato, pistachio crumb and coconut flakes on top, and traditional whipped frosting.
Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato: 
 Founder and owner Benjamin Umansky, a chemical engineer by trade, takes the science of gelato making to an entirely new level. With over 30 years of industry experience, he began making gelato as a hobby in 2004 with his wife Raquel. After nearly a decade of studying, practicing, and (finally) full retirement from engineering, they opened up their first storefront in Alexandria, VA with the help of their sons David and Mark.  All treats are produced on-site with the highest quality natural ingredients, giving our customers the most authentic Argentine dessert experience in the DC-metro area. (

Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Christmas Trees and Wreaths for sale at the market starting today! 11/25/2016

Fresh Pre-Cut Fraser Furs 

Sizes start at 4ft $40 through 9ft $90

12523 Popes Head Road Clifton VA 20124

Open Wed-Sunday 10-5
Fridays/Sat/Sun Wagon ride, farm tour, hot coco $10/family 10-5

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pastured Beef Shares

Hello! We have two bulk opportunities to purchase our home grown beef this season in addition to the farm market:
Option number 1 is to purchase an entire side, great to split with a family or a few neighbors. This is the most cost effective being almost 25% off retail. Approximately 350 pounds hanging weight (ends up being about 200 pounds of meat) with a breakdown of ground beef, steaks, roasts, and a little bit of bone and organ meat. $6/pound for the entire half. Available around Thanksgiving. Let us know if you're interested and we'll take a deposit.

Option number 2 is to purchase a pre-made share. The box distribution is below. It is first come first serve and you can purchase multiple boxes if you want to. The price next to each box is a by weight ESTIMATE, including a 10% off retail discount. If you would like a box please email with the number you want ASAP, and a second choice if you have one in case the box you wanted has already been claimed. 

Updated 12/10/16

  Box 1: pounds  Price  Plus bone/GB DISCOUNT 10%
4 brisket 27.2  $ 312.80
4 Short Ribs 9.38  $   84.42
2 Sirlion steak B/I 3.96  $   35.64
1 Hanging tender 0.92  $   18.40
3 tbone 3.35  $   73.70
  GB 15 132.825
  bones 1  $   33.18
 $      690.96  $          621.86

  Box 7:    
4 Flat iron 1.6  $   24.00
4 Sirloin Steaks B/I 11.52  $ 103.68
4 top round steak 4.06  $   48.72
  GB 15  $ 134.72
  Bones 1  $   28.30
 $      339.42  $          305.48

Box 1: $240
Ground Beef 

Box 2: $180
Short Ribs
Chuck Roast
Ground Beef

Box 3: $165
Short Ribs
Ground Beef

Box 4: $177
Top Round Steak
London broil
Ground Beef

Box 5: $155
Sirloin steak
Top round steak
Ground Beef  

Box 6: $200
Flat iron
Chuck roast
Ground Beef

Box 7: $166
Flat iron
Sirloin Steaks
Ground Beef

Box 8: $170
Flat iron
Chuck roast
Sirloin steak
Ground Beef 

Box 9: $210
London broil
Tri Trip
Sirloin steak
Ground Beef

Box 10: $250
Skirt steak
Sirloin steak
Top Round
Hanging tender
Ground Beef

Box 11: $50
Ox tail