Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bee Keeping Classes- April Update!

Come join James and Steven in the apiary on either  April 9, 11, 20th in the afternoon for the first of the WHF and HiveHive bee keeping series. This month's beekeeper calendar has us:

Sun 4.9
We will be checking hives for food stores. If the colonies look hungry, and we expect they are, we will continue to feed 1:1 syrup. Observe conditions of brood build up. Is our feeding effort spurring on the queen to lay?  Perhaps there are more split candidates identified in this visit. Finally, a mite check on some nurse bees. If mites are present, we will be treating in the immediate future.

Tues 4.11
Installing packages to back fill winter dead outs.  This is an exciting experience to the novice beekeeper, but it needn't be. If you have never seen or done this before, come out to check it out. We will take three pounds of bees, and a mated queen and install them into their own colony hive.  The setup is designed for them to release the queen over time. This  insures enough exposure to her pheromones, they will accept her as their queen. 

Thurs 4.20
Observing the installs.  Were they successful? Is she laying? Are they hungry? We bet they are.  We will most likely feed them.  
And what about those splits we made 3/27 (#9 & #2)?  Its been 24 days... lets take a look!

One had a queen with it, and the other was a walk away?  Under best circumstances, the one with the queen will be three weeks ahead of the walk away, but both should be laying now. 

Open to novice, first timers, and experienced bee keepers. Children are also invited with an adult 18+ only. Please sign up here: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/4090D4CA9A72FA0FD0-beekeeping  All classes will be $20 each, with couple, child and family discounts. If you are interested in coming to all of the classes from March through September you can purchase a year pass at the first class for a discount.

*If you have ever had an allergic reaction to a bee sting please do not attend these classes*
About our bee keepers:

Steven Youssef and James Corbett are certified Master Gardeners and commercial beekeepers.  They co-own Mad Man Mercantile which owns and manages apiaries on farms in Northern Virginia (Hive Hive) as well as produces high quality, organic soils and soil amendments (Sequential Soils).

Steven was born in Virginia and with Egyptian ancestry, Steven is a 5th generation farmer. His family's farm in Egypt produces eggs and milk.  Mr. Youssef also manages the school garden at Vienna Elementary School in Vienna, VA.  Steven is married to Cassandra, and they have two children, Clara and Casper.

James was born and raised in New Hampshire, then attended James Madison University where he and Steven met. Mr. Corbett  has lived in Virginia the last 15 years. James is married to Dawn Marie, and they have two children, Olivia and Isabel.

Our mailing address is:
Whitehall Farms, LLC
12523 Popes Head Rd.
CliftonVA 20124

Saturday, March 4, 2017

March Market Tasting Event

March Tasting Event


When: Saturday, March 11 at 12 PM - 4 PM
Where: Whitehall Farm Market 12523 Popes Head Rd, Clifton, Virginia 20124

Join Whitehall for a FREE tasting of farm veggies and meat. The day will include a free yoga class, essential oils demonstration, and some more wellness themed demos. Veteran Compost will be here to answer any spring compost and potting soil questions.
Yoga at 12:301:30 and 2:30- focusing on gentle stretches that can be done in the office or at your desk.

DoTerra consultant Sarah will be here to talk to you about how to begin using essential oils in your life.

Healthy Food – Healthy Habits – Healthy You
Neck Back & Beyond Healing Arts 
will be here to explore and experience the various ways our center can help you find your optimized health. Sample energy healing through various therapies, experience the Amethyst BioMat and PEMF tools for health and learn nutritional ideas and movements that can help bring vitality and calm to your mind, body and spirit. Check out our website: www.neckbackandbeyond.com

Veteran Compost will be here with compost and potting soil for sale. Come with your spring planting questions and the guys will answer any questions you might have.

PLEASE send this link to anyone who might be interested in this event.