Friday, April 21, 2017



Imagine there was a family that owned a 200 plus acre farm in overpopulated Fairfax County, Virginia — a family that wasn’t interesting in cashing in by selling to developers.

Imagine that this family didn’t want 42 McMansions putting 11 million plus gallons of septic effluent into the ground every year, while pumping out the same amount of fresh water.

Imagine that this family wanted to preserve the woods of Whitehall Farm by creating a farming and agritourism business — woods that completely mitigate the carbon footprint of 114 single family homes, including their associated transportation.

Imagine that even with expanding pastures for this family’s farming and agritourism business, there would still be well over 100 acres of untouched forest on the land, and that the farming and agritourism business would result in far fewer car trips than a subdivision would.

Imagine that this family wanted to sustainably and organically grow produce, raise their livestock ethically, educate your children on where their food comes from, provide a place for older kids to intern, preserve a place to enjoy the natural beauty of a farm less than 25 miles from the nation’s capital, and to operate their business as allowed by state law.

Imagine that this family wanted to explore the possibility of a 5 megawatt solar installation that would be elevated enough to allow the grazing of livestock on the same land — a new concept.

Imagine that this family wanted to start a veteran farmer training program on their farm.

Imagine that this family wanted to someday build a farm school for the children of local enlisted military personnel.

Imagine that this family wanted to put this land into a permanent conservation easement, establish a board of trustees, and preserve this farm into perpetuity.

Now imagine that none of this will happen.

BZA Hearing is on June 28th. Mark your calendar and come with us to show support!

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