Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BZA Updates! Summer 2017

A funny thing happened on the way to appealing the Fairfax County BZA ruling on a Ropes Course at Whitehall Farm

Hello Whitehall Farm Supporters,

On July 6th, I had literally just downloaded a 53 page guide on how to represent yourself in Circuit Court (yeah, yeah, I know what that makes me) when I was advised that I should submit a request for reconsideration to the BZA. Who knew such a thing existed? I won’t get into who advised me of this. Low and behold, at the July12th BZA meeting, two of the no votes from our original appeal changed to yes votes for the reconsideration. Did these gentlemen have a come to Jesus moment, have a relative or friend convince them to change their votes, or is this a move to fix a procedural error from the original hearing? No matter why, we get a do-over. I’ve known since July 20th our new BZA appeal hearing date was to be Sept. 27th, but was told by the BZA folks that the official notice had to come from Zoning. We couldn’t put this information out until I received that notice yesterday. I’ll let you decide why there might have been such a delay.

So here we are again asking for your support. If you haven’t signed our petition, please do so and ask your friends and family to sign. Once you link to the petition, there are several documents that fully explain the situation. The petition is at 560 signatures. Let’s see if we can get to 1000 by Sept. 27th.

We believe letters that support Whitehall Farm and that are sent to the BZA members would be a powerful sign that the community wants Whitehall Farm to succeed. Let’s try to send at least 250 letters to the BZA by Sept. 27th. If you are so inclined, please email your letter to , with Reconsideration of Appeal Application A 2017-SP-008 in the subject line. Please copy your letter to me at so we can track the numbers. Please be respectful of the BZA members in your correspondence. We want to win these folks over to our side.

I think all the folks that came to our original hearing and those who spoke made an impression on the BZA members. Let’s fill the place this time! We’ll try to come up with a better way to get people there at the right time to cut down on wasting your time.

Getting approval for the ropes course is critical in our being able to continue what we’ve started here at Whitehall. Please help.

Thank you for your help,

Jeff Waters

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